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Orange Avenue United Tenants Association



Board Members

OAUTA's corporate structure is consistent with its purpose and policy; that is, its Board of Directors and corporate officers are primarily elected tenant representatives from the public housing sites it serves; Grady Road, Orange Avenue, Springfield, Pinewood Place Apartments and Section 8 Housing.

Thus the Directors reflect the interest and characteristics of the community and areas served.

Board of Directors:

board members 1 20130820 2023771169 Iranetta Williams board members 3 20130820 1421872259
President/Executive Director
Chuvala Snell-Brown

Scattered Sites
 Vice President
Iranetta Williams

2nd Vice President
Fatimah Jackson

Orange Avenue

board members 2 20130820 1572266269 board member 1 20130827 1348729633 board members 5 20130820 1416509946
2nd Secretary
Danielle Johnson

Joslin Bellamy


Wilma Rodes
Orange Avenue
Oliver Hill Sr board member 1 20130822 1099313368 board members 4 20130820 1688251175
Oliver Hill Sr.
Orange Avenue
Daisy Hayes
Pinewood Place
Odell Gurley
Pinewood Place

The Resident Advisory Board

The Resident Advisory Board (RAB) consists of public housing and Section 8 residents. Their primary function is to address various aspects of THA's Annual and Five-Year Agency Plans, which set forth THA's priorities and policies in 18 core areas and chart the course for THA's short-term and long-term future. RAB members express concerns, make recommendations and advise THA management in the formulation of the Agency Plans. The RAB's recommendations are considered as the plan is drafted and their recommendations regarding the final plan become a part of the submission when the plan is submitted to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. RAB members are responsible for keeping residents in each development informed of the Plans' development at both the draft and final stages.

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